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Part 2 of Artfight 2021

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Tuff Ghost for @r3ver1e

-[DESC: TG is hunched over clasping a hand over bleeding heart ]-


"mamas boy"
Annie Lockart and Agatha Lockart for @surreallamppost

-[DESC: Annie is put into an affectionate headlock by Agatha ]-


"yellow skull guy"
Mr. Coffin for @ventriloquist

-[DESC: coffin man got some nice daisy dukes revealed by a gust of air ]-


"restocking errands"
Norad for @zipmode

-[DESC: Norad is running through some place with bags of loot in hand and crowns on head. bones of ruins scatter at his heels]-


"stakeout mission"
Charles and Noir for @prettycoolducks

-[DESC: Noir is dressed up for the profession of being just a regular, normal,everyday ordinary person.
Charles pretends he doesn't know them.

Charles: "what ARE you wearing?"
Noir: "shh I'm trying to look inconspicuous."
Charles: "you look like an idiot."]-


Penelope for @_yuckygucky_

-[DESC: Penelope like appl ]-