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Part 1 of Artfight 2021

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i just wanna pont out that this entire row of pieces was done on the first day. July 1st 2021. all 6 pieces.

Ye Olde Bee Keeper for @murgatroyd

-[DESC: beekeeper is running from a spiraling swarm of bees.]-


"sparring wyrms"
Worm Slayer and Serpent Tamer for @tickflea

-[DESC: WS is taking a big swing at ST who leaps up into the air to avoid the blade.]-


"boba the tuna"
Toba the Tura for @syntheticveil

-[DESC: toba the tura hailing divine justice down with frustrated tears and staff raised to the air.]-

(this is a fan character based off of Raziass Shadow)


"here comes varen vroom vroom"
Varen Aurile for @saladkitty

-[DESC:varen waves a hand out all cool n stuff ]-


tobisona for @tobiasjam

-[DESC:mettaton momentz]-


"do the charleston" (GIF)
charlie for @raptor-pawns

-[DESC:funny bird do funny dance ]-


six stuff in one day. where i put a good amount of effort into each one.
how the fuck did i keep myself from exploding?