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Orca Bark

March 10th 2022

orca bark

-[DESCRIPTION: A very stylized potrayal of what is to be an Orca whale. A blue body with yellow patches, red teeth and and eye outlined in green. Throughout the orca, there are speckles and dots of similar colors to eachother. Surrounding the orca are small strips of bark. Glue, paint, and stitched thread cover all over the mess of a canvas.]-

head tail

Heres some WIP shots I took during.

wip1 wip2 wip3

wip4 wip5

And sure, I had the thoughts of making for a different thing. hills... landscape... something. I dunno, that one was just sitting there since the end months of 2021, so I just globed on a new layer of paint. oh well.

The thought process that made me do this was uhhh: "orcas are cool. lets paint one." that's it. The bark I collected was of a western red cedar, and was part of the leftover for when I put the stuffing stuff for blair. (yall gonna need to scroll through quite a bit to see what I mean.)

So fuck it, lets just slap some down. glued the bark in place, painted over it all, and then used the pallet knife to scrape it all off.
reglued and repainted the bark. Really make it look a chaotic mess :}c