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March 2021

peacock big

  • -[DESCRIPTION: A painting split in two, both holding the top and bottom half and merely held together by a few strips of tape.
  • On a dark background is the shape of a peacock-headed-person, deep blue in body and flecks of yellow decorate him through out. His face is a placid expression.
  • streaks of purple bolt around the surrounding space, acccompanied by cloudy plumes of muddled hues.
  • peacock up peacock low

  • -[(Closed up view of the top and bottom halves.)]-
  • One of the less-than-what-I-can-count-on-one-hand paints I did for 2021.

    In This year I utilized the power of soap bubbles to dabble the paint on. Thats how I got the "clouds" to get.

    Used soapy water from the designated bottle that Must Not Be Drank From that wet felting is from.