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Misc paintings 20-21

They aren't getting their own pages because they are pretty small canvases and/or meager details.

scratch bush

-[Scratch Bush]- (February-2021)

-[DESCRIPTION: Dark colors muddled together, with the stuff of branches scratched out from the paint.]-

grief cloud

-[Grief Cloud]- (Feburary-2021)

-[DESCRIPTION: A fiery orange background with red and dark blue spotty globs surround the jumbled mess of a grey... something of a cloud. With scratched out etches within the curves.]-

night ridge

-[Night Ridge]- (June-2020)

-[DESCRIPTION: Against the dark of the night sky is the tops of a cliff ridge.]-


-[Ache]- (Feburary-2021)

-[DESCRIPTION: a highly sytlized of a blue skinned someone from the shoulders up. green and purple veins wriggle all about the head. There are various white and blue as well as red and black splatters behind and infront.]-


-[Normal Deer]- (Feburary-2020)

-[DESCRIPTION: the totally normal rendition of a deer. ]-


-[Centipede Lord]- (November-2020)

-[DESCRIPTION: In the outer reaches of space, a big ole centipede goes about its buisness.]-

chip hill

-[Chipped Hill]- (Feburary-2020)

-[DESCRIPTION: A scratchy take of trees hanging on to the bare surfaces of a mountain]-

chip forest

-[Chipped Forest]- (January-2020)

-[DESCRIPTION: the edges of a forest. ]-

A few of them I used a needle and thread to stitch a canvas I slashed for artsy mumbo jumbo. others I applied paint with no brush, just a wood chip. As well as soap bubbles.