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Dotted Dancers

January 2020

dots big

  • -[DESCRIPTION: a row of five people of various sizes and body types show off their boogie moves. Each one outlined in a splotchy mox of pink, white and black
  • and the bodies are filled in with a different solid shade of blue and stippled with a particular color of dots to each dancer.
  • The background is vibrant with patches of yellow, orange and reds on a pale yellow canvas.
  • Excitement radiates in hard streaks of teal and the energy of movement is with curved drags of black. Plops of green take in the space between elements.
  • dots left dot right

  • -[(Closer views of Dotted Dancers with the painting split in two.)]-
  • This aas amongst if not THE first painting i did with this long-ways canvas, and filling the figure subjects with speckles.

    I used a fork to get the streaks in.