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Wolf Weeper

November 2019

wolf big

  • -[DESCRIPTION: a hightly stylistic protrayal of a figure stands on a foot while the other 3 limbs are slightly raised. with the body of a human and head of a wolf.
  • A bold red outlines the weeper with dapples of blue, yellow and green fill in the form. Eyes pink and teeth bared, distres wavers off the head in symbolic lines.
  • The weeper is surrounded by various branches, shrubs and leaves in a backgrop of pale blue.]-
  • wolf low wolf up

  • -[DESCRIPTION: closer views of Wolf Weeper, showing the texture left by the acrylic medium]-
  • This was made for a reason I don't remember. Or maybe theres no meaning other than that I just Wanted to.

  • The actual canvas is quite small, fits well within a single rulers measurment.