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Storm TREK

June 2019

storm big

  • -[DESCRIPTION: With clouds of numerous colors filling the sky, rolling hills are walked upon by two travelers.
  • They are shadowy figures with the only clear features being stark white eyes. One is a tall, four-eyed robot. The other wears a sunhat and carrying a pack.
  • A third figure, a bird of a cloak strays from the path, watching.
  • The sky slowly turns dark, warning a storm.]-
  • storm up storm low

  • -[(details of the sky and the shadow folks)]-

    Now this painting is part of a small series I call TREK. ((PUT LINKS WHEN IM DONE))

    Here is the Second and Third

    This painting... This one was the first where I just added the lil peeps.

    Like all I originally planned all that time ago was just to make some clouds, roll the strokes.

    And then decided to make these... nameless someones. I dont have a name for what they are.

    Maybe you can. *vauge shrugging noise*