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Misc 18-19

They aren't getting their own pages because they are pretty small canvases and/or meager details.

And then theres some more after that...<( _ _ )>


-[Lady Bug Green Wood]- (December-2019)

-[DESCRIPTION: On top of green wood are a flock of ladybugs. The insects are done in dollops of red paint given a raised dientsion atop the canvas.]-


-[Running Blur]- (November-2019)

-[DESCRIPTION: Great smears of rushesness in various colors streak across the canvas]-

storm peek

-[Storm Peek]- (August-2019)

-[DESCRIPTION: in pretty much greyscale, the long slithering head of a shadowy nameless somebody rises out from the rolling wavess during a storm. Etch lines are scratched in the paint to the curves of water.]-

sunset scab

-[Sunset Scablands]- (November-2019)

-[DESCRIPTION: In a seemingy desolate landscapem the sky abole is calm and sunny. ]-


-[Rose Bush]- (September-2019)

-[DESCRIPTION: a quickly done take of a rose bush.]-

dune tree

-[Dune Tree]- (August-2019)

-[DESCRIPTION: Along the slopes of a nondecript dune, is a nondescript tree hanging on. ]-


As in... I forgot to put dates on them. I dont know how old these are.

So Imma just put them all down here at the end



-[DESCRIPTION: Above the tops of shrubs are pillars of rolling orange clouds.]- Personally I like this one out of the rest. Dont tell them I said that.

trash heap

-[Trash Heap]-

-[DESCRIPTION: A mountainous pile of junk sits under a grey cloudy sky. ]-

rck tree

-[Rock Trees]-

-[DESCRIPTION: A bare field of shrubs, trees and rocks done in a... rather poor judgment of distance.]- Seriously what view of plain am I going with here?



-[DESCRIPTION: A shadowy nameless somebody with a slug like body sits under a dusky sky surrounded by yellow blooms. ]-

purple sky

-[Purple Sky]-

-[DESCRIPTION: From a rolling sea of grass, stands a nameless somebody. With the dripping purple sky holding dark clouds above. ]-

fork dude

-[Fork dude]-

-[DESCRIPTION: It's a dude! surrounded by wriggles of paint dragged by the prongs of a fork]- I also really like this one.


Thats all folks.