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June 2019

hill big

  • -[DESCRIPTION: A scene of a sparp-peaked hills, warping its dunes around two travelers, one a tall robot of four eyes and the other a pack carrier and hat wearer.
  • A third figure of shadow: a bird of cloak, keeps to the scraggly cliffs, peering down.
  • the sky is full of rolling baubles of pale orange clouds.]-
  • hill up hill low

  • -[(details of the sky and of the nameless somebodies.)]-
  • https://flugmunk.neocities.org/ARTS/PAINTS/paints18-19/resttrek.html

    This is the second of the series I call TREK. heres the First and Third.

    I suppose "Nameless Somebodies" will be the best working title of sorts for these sort of shadowey folks.