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Fungi Cloud

October 2019

cloud big

  • -[DESCRIPTION: An abstract piece, elements that appear like mushrooms, some have the round caps while other parts are more like coral and whisps.
  • A wide array of bright colors with blue, orange, purple, green, yellow and pink.]-
  • cloud up cloud low

  • -[(Couple of shots for details)]-
  • This was the first I have don of the "fungal" paintings. These are not fungus I'm protraying. Just calling what they LOOK like.


    I probably pay hmage to the fungi. Lichens... and moss.

    Where would we be without them?

    Probably nonexistant since they are very much the makers of soil. ya cant do much without the earths soul.



    This style of painting was me using my favorite phrase by action: "fuck around and find out".

    I treated the acrylic globs as if it were watercolor. Using a lot of the wet.

    Aaaand then sorta just... slapping the brush in repeated rappings to the canvas

    No ryhme or reason. Just doing what felt right.