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Spring Skeleton

March 29, 2023

grainy as shit photos. who cares.


foot grin hand

fuck yeah its a skeleton with peepee. who cares.

pelvis pickle

why a skeleton with peepee? who knows.
i gotta get myself comfortable with depicting body parts as. just body parts.
yknow how it goes.
"kill the [ADVERTISER FRIENDLY SANCTUM] in your mind"
might as well start with that that have long since lost flesh to support such flesh.

as for other meanings? i dunno. figure it out.
fertility? taking the chance of joy of being alive?
joy to those beyong being alive?
cycle of death and rebirth?
or perhaps its just happy skeleton. REALLY happy. no need to give reason for happiness.
cant spell "happiness" without "penis". hooawh.


bg outline redded

yellow bluing blued

redots pink blue