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Running magician

December 29, 2023

yeah so imagine i basically copy and pasted the intro part from the leaper page, and then
slapped it onto here for the runner.

... with all that paint lying around and the mess ive made on the desk, what-
like ill do only ONE (1) painting?
nah. i shall do another..
at least once more to end off the year.


see the process before you can see what the canvas looked like woken up.

(and also that the image files were numbered accordingly..)


step one- slather up red.
just cover the entire mother in red.
and again. get a few coats of it.

cut stencil peel

step 2- pull a spare recipt from the pile and cut into it..
i had an idea that perhaps i can do a sort of STENCIL thing...
hm. *scratches head*

blocking limbs fingers

decide the stencil experiment was a failure and just cover it up in the usual shapes i would have done anyway..
its... its rather dificult to take clear photos because the red is jsut so jarring against
the camera that it fuzzes out any other color.
or something. i dont know camera science.

boots ribbons head

dots stripe

now its a bit hard to see in this photo... its really hard to see. but much like how the leapers mouth was bled pink,
the same thing happened with the white stripe... the red went through the entire blue layer to get at the white.
oh well. i learned my lesson from leaper and left the phenomenon as is and didnt attempt to fix it.

yellow eyes smear

get the face on there, and then seems good enough to call it golden. time to smear on that mod podge. marbled of matte and shiny.


desk upper lower

heel pinked

ah. there it goes. just had to manually darken camera setting... but yeah the stripe there is pink not white.


propped up against the wall on some walnuts on a jar...

tilt onleap ruler

the canvas wasnt a rather big one. but not too big.

is with leaper as husbands.

okay leave.