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Feburary 5, 2024 (technically 8th...)

(and. ... bare minimum husbandx3)

The Space Nun!!! this is a gift for friend beezah, in which i made carlotta as a thanks for cypress the laptop.
and lemme tell ya, she... was kicking my ass a bunch in the process of making her.
though it was more on my fault rather than she being angry... this is one of those instances where
having any sort of a blue print plan drawn out would have been SOMEWHAT helpful.
nevertheless, im remaining in once piece.

as for carlotta, cant really say the same.
decapitated and all that.

but BUT IN THE GOOD WAY because... yknow of the way i do dolls sometimes...
with the hollow body and all that... yeah i made space nun be a smuggle bag.
whish for her character, i didnt really have much of an option NOT to do so, as she has
interdimensional pockets and all that. so like cmon. itll ONLY make sense!

also yeah- i suppose ill just do that thing i did of last where i put the work in progress before the gallery.
keeps things in order somewhat more. forcing yall to see my commentary!

goddamn shes still kicking my ass from beyond the playing field...


originally there were some 93 photos for this section alone, but i managed to shave it to a mere 75.

fluff pile old tile tile layer

begin with spending time mixing up colors to make a pile of blue purple and red purple.

then remember that somewhere i made a tile from... a while ago.
and seeing its a good size and not given much use after all this time,
i might as well use it for this. be it the base of the coat to be built up off.

coat fluff coat wet

and then after slapping down an appropriate amount of layer atop the old tile, i then cover with the main skin.
wetting to make all that wool establish together.

coat big coat small

thats how big the coat tile is before rolling.
then how small it gotten after a couple rounds of rolling for shrinkage.

wet base wet belly

pieces front pieces back

chunks and pieces!

base stab base round

so i made a few pieces that in the long run... werent really necessary. oh well. thatll come in later.
thats the thing about art sometimnes.
sometimes ya just fuck up cuz yer raw dogging everything through life.

coat back coat front

goddamn... i really loved the random spattering of this tile... really inspiring..
perhaps i can do a felting project thats like reminicent of paleolithic cave art!
one last gaze as the tile was flat. before the tile no longer becomes a tile.

coat clip

so trying to figure out how to go about making the coat become a coat...


scruff up the edges so there would be loose fibers ready to latch on to eachother when i close the coat
into a cone shape with the brushes.

cone wet cone hand cone flip

shoved a piece of bubble wrap between the inner part of cone shape as i wet it to make sure the fibers
hug each other, because without something between, all that friction may cause the stuff inside to hug and close up.
and thats no good.
then flip inside out and do same thing just to make sure even more.

scarf fluff green base green fluff

mixed up more piles for more stuff. heres a scarf. the first of two. technically 3.
hey remember how in previous projects i mentioned how im taking the klause hood and canibalizing it?
yeah. still am.

green wet green scarf

pink base pink fluff

pink wet pink tile

white wet white dry

all these dang scarves!

base tear

yeah it was at this time i was beginnign to see mistakes shine through. oh well.

pink stab pink scarf

belly stab belly on

alright now things are starting to look clearer. before the "belly "was fully attached,
i snuck in some seeds of trailing blackberry (Rubus ursinus) because thats to be expected out of me at this point.


so after much deliberation, i thought to reject these two pieces from carlotta entirely. will be used for

okay... the.. if something it being too much of a bitch, sometimes its better to just.
just go back and redo and start over on the thing that is tricking up.

base fluff base on

so with those rejects, one being the base, i had to go and make an entirly new one.
so thats with layering, wetting, rolling, wetting some more, then attaching, making sure the attachments are secured...
but hey, at least second time is the charm! im so tired.

really tired.

yarn braid braid cut

hey remember that one project i made the other year ago of Guy? yeah i found a left over piece of yarn braid.
perfect to turn into her arms!

scarf body scarf stack scarf back

thats why i rejected the green scarf. would have been too long. so had to choose between the pink or green.
like really my main thought process behind making these two scarves was to like...
so they got those decals on em, and then when i do that whole rolling thing to shrink them,
then theyll be shrunk down TOO much and the decals would be too narrow.
... yeah i dont know either. oh well.

hand shapes sleeve wrap first arm

second arm flip arm body arm

the arms! to be all the more easier for her to strangle me about.
making the hands be mitten shapes for that cutesy look.

bag sew bag wrap bag wrap

alright so i asked what sort of plants would carlotta be of, and told she would be a raspberry and/or ivy.
now... the closest folks i can aqquire are himalayan blackberry and english ivy.
both being severely invasive species of plants here.
though i do have some seeds of trailing blackberry... and tea bags of raspberry...
so i got a little bag thing sewed up from a craft sheet and stuffed it with the plant materials, along with
some miscelanious flower petals sprinkled in, along with rosemary/lavender for smell...

head size head shape head gradient

making sure the head was correct size, bulking it out more if need be. making a light bulb shape.



wrap on wrap fold wrap tie

and then the third little scarf. making her not be bald. rubber bands to stress the fibers into remembering the folds.

crown length crown parts crown ring

crown on

making that tiara crown thingy. really stabbing it into herhead so it wont be pulled off so easily.


and then made her cane.
nothing really special to be had here. just didnt wanna make it outta wool again like BC becasue my fingers hurt enough.
a piece of broken paperclip i bent to be as straight as possible, and then sogged up chunks of paper towel in glue
wrapped around mummy style, wait for it to dry, then paint. then wait to dry again.


so here carlotta herslef is done. ... but IM not done.


graff core graff helm graff skin

so heres graff. carlottas man thing.
i was gonna just do One. and then Just Two.. but those still seemed lonely numbers.
three is juuuust right.

graff eyes graff eyes

yeah this is what graff typically looks like. dont worry about it. so what if hes split into his three basic atoms.

graff wrap graff hide

yknow. i didnt even MEAN for him to be the perfect size of a candy wrapper.
i was given the candy like five minutes after i was done.

stab1 stab2

and now the stab counter.
granted that some days were spent on just wetting so no needle use.
carlotta stabbed me 108 while graff only 30 times.
138 in total... yknow its actually less than what a project of this calliber would have wrecked.


front desk left desk

back desk right desk

head off scarf off

below above

head hold scarf hold

arms up cane hold cane side

graff head group group hold

graff in


is as ahhhhh half a ruler length ..

palm sit cane back


thicket lay blueberry shade blueberry buds

graff branch graff log blueberry slump

nuke post nuke

whoops accidently threw a nuke at carlotta.

graff blueberry sit bench bench arm

sitka left sitka right duck

sign group fence

hold carlotta hold graff

goddamn... these last photos were REALLY good

sun rock sun cane sun group

slike REAlly really good. sunsets are rather tricky to photograph in.

hopefully now she stops kicking my ass

good bye,