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sphynx cat

October 2, 2023

Hey remember the ricky cat i made for the cat friend? yeah. i made a naked raw chicken breast of a kitty for em too.

dont know what else to say for the intro part here.
is just cat. is just kitty.


i really like the spotty blotches of the skin. gives more texture than if i used smooth wool.


sit lay

right front

left back

lean sloop

hold gaze



scraps core color

making the base core out of various scrap pieces. and then scruffing together the colors for the skin layer.

limbs peel shape

it should be pretty easy to understand whats going on here. standard stuff happening.
make limbs. put limbs on.
and the so of how it goes.

legs arms tail

snout face done

and then uh. yeah. thats that. naked kitty done.


the stab counter. only 29. pretty average. anything more that 30 i would probbly say is a high amount for a small figure.
like as to wool to blood ratio.