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June 26, 2023

"who the fuck is ronan?" some of yall may ask.
well he aint one of my folks. twas a commission to dearest beloved of the beast of online,
in asking what could represent him as a character for some /symbolism/, i collected some of the local plant folks
to be put within the fibers of his shape.
twinberry honeysuckle (Lonicera involucrata),
sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis),
and salmon berry (Rubus spectabilis).
yknow... I thought I could have strained the seeds of the twinberry through my teeth....
realized theyre too small and the process too painful. luckily there were a few pre-berry flowers.
but uhhhh...

he is hollow.
pop the head right off!
and a cavity space of the body to put stuff in.
not for any particular reason aside from stretching my skills.
huhuhu not to boast... but im sure am proud of having hollow folks.

alright enough talking about me. heres the Ronan.


he is to be a doll "hand sized".
whatever that means.
somewhere from my wrist to fingers.
gets the point across.

sit front sit right

sit back

sit left sit open


about *peers* 13 cm? just hand sized ok.

hold him see face

see bars see coat


open close

the hands are actually able to interlock and clasp together!
and i wasnt even TRYING to make that happen!

beam sit salmonb slothing

twinberr rose see rose snf

bench duckweed lake see

wind sit whoosh

alright so these two photos were almost gonna be the last of him.
wind was blowing and liked the way it was moving his hair,..
until it started moving the rest of him.
so very damn close to losing him to the water. and then. well thats that.

sitka sit bench up DUCK



if any of the photos are blurry or whatever... sorry. machine with three fucking cameras and worse than before with one.

color mix body fluff body tile

colors. use some of the leftover wool that i didnt use on maskey.
mix up for whats to be the coat.
make a wetting for the body.

base plant spruce out body close

put some of the plant material in the core, then see that the spruce needles are a jokester.
the body tile gets closed up into a sort of cone shape thing.

glove bad body shut body barr

so theres a block that is as a base for the body to be put on, so i make a circle shape thing to act as a barrier
because if things are gonna come in and out of the cavity, some of the fibers of the base would get tugged,
and if theyre tugged and yanked about, then some of the plants might just fall apart.

base on body done

and thats the body section for now.
ronan is gonna have 3 sections to his self.
just so yall wont get confused as what im talking about.

leg long leg wrap feet seed

putting some salmon seeds within the feet.
i learned in the maskey felting that putting dark wool before the skin wool will peek out from underneath
and then will help to look like leg hair.
something ive also learned from the eros felting with the bright green.
learning and knowing from the past! yippee!

leg hold leg vase

pant tile pant hoop leg base

and then done with the legs. now to put them on with the pants
and then legs with pants with body.

coat mix coat flat coat hang

and now the coat.

leg tie

tying the legs up so that the fibers will stress into becoming crossed.

coat wrap coat rip coat lamb

much like the body, the coat is a cone. a bigger cone.

coat cone cone time


coat on

chest wet chest on chest bar

theres a part of the coat that has got accent bars. luckily its a perfect something to hide the seamline.

arm core hand core hand make

hand one hand arm hand cuff

arm be arm off arm on

arm flip yknow i had to do it to em coat tube

and thats the arms.

head stuf head core head blue

can yall guess wht this thing is?

head deco head tie nose on

thats right its head time baybeee.

face on hair wet pre hair

get the stuff of the face going, get the stuff of the hair going.

hair off hair on hair bang

attach the hair upside down and then flip it so that there wouldnt be any awkward space underneath at the nape.

not done hair done

alright the lighting and blurryness may make it difficult to see it,
but i went to put that patch of hair that comes from the head thats like right in front of ear.
whatever its called.
oh its just called sideburns. facinating.

WELL anyway.


hes done.

apart together


and stabbed myself 124 times. average.

one day ill figure out whats a good way to end these pages off.
but todya is no such day.


*crawls up onto the wooden dock and pulls my body up from sea*
alright so a few months later ronan arrives to yulumerros place and I get photos of him traversing his home.
so a few months later i come back to this webpage to edit with the coding to include those in.
here be!

field staff herb





ok. see yall for realsies this time.