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Mask Maker. *groan*

May 19, 2023

i made maskey, some guy you may recognize from who you may recognize from the ✦Frayed Threads✦ part of this website.
*pinches bridge of nmy nose* eugh.
now when i really feel the need to just go and beat the shit out of him, well.
i sure can now!

not that it would mind teehee.


skunk cabbage

ruler lay ruler up

a full ruler length more or less. pretty big. pretty detailed as far as all my feltings go. proud

hand left hand back hand side

hand neck sit right sit left

bench rock salal

rock sit huckle

ooh dirt! freshly laid mulch!

deep damp earth

why, dont mind if i do!

all sit

yeah, heres all the stuff laid besides. the body, cape, skirt and horn tusks.
i was considering making its staff and claw things
but nah.
these were all already enough effort.


when i was editing the photos to put in here, i had 88. and then realized thats
a lot.
aint gonna do almost 90.
so i did some more editing.
managed just at 59.
good enough.


alright so for symbolic reasons of Western Skunk Cabbage being maskeys plantsona, i went to check on some patches.

and well, one in particular was already torn up a bit.

so like. might as well borrow some snippets.

body core both core core body

i was gonna use those sheets as the core for its body, but for one reason or another... my hands said "nah"
so instead oof using those cradft sheets, i just pull out the bag of dirty messy wool and used that as the core.
which like. makes sense. dirty messy wool for a dirty messy guy.

leg nerve fuck you leg strips

oh yknow. just go on with the process. shape up the torst, put the length of legs in with yarn.
obliterate some scissors somehow. the same ole usual.
then just make sure the chest has a divot for later putting in the cabbage stuff. thicken up the legs with pieces.

limb core

put the stuff of the limbs, they will dictate the overall length of the body.
the head stuff will come later. head doesnt matter.

the past past gone

alright here is a felting ive made a few years ago that i will not say anything about. due to dishonor.
tore him apart to reuse the wool.
needed the colors anyway.
and then got a pile of the fluff. most of it will be converted into being the skin.

boob leaf spine off spine on

there goes a few pieces of flowerets and leaf into the chest divot. then cover up the hole.
the body type of MM is that of a bean pole.
so there will be the spine sticking out from under the skin.
though certainly nothing to be comparable to ybr!

skin sit bulk meat 1st skin


foot on leg hair

get leg stuff on. legs have feet and legs have hair.

trail full leg

and hopefully everyone here doesnt feel disgust towards natural body hair.
a little happy trail along the belly.
stylized the same as the leg hair with the "flame" shape. albeit smaller.
and then after getting the feet on, made little bandages to then wrap around and stab it in.
yeah the photo is. shit.
oh well.
but yeah, did the leg parts, now for the arms.

under heart

but first.
there is the butt.
lets have some fun with that.

arm hair

cape wet cape hole

wetting up for the cape (and skirt).

big cape mid cape done cape

here is how shrinkage goes with the cape.
in between each photo it was rolled up and. well. rolled.
for the duration of whatever video i was watching.
the holes of the cape is to make it look all tattered and ragged. now the thing about wool is that it wants to hug eachother.
had to keep messing around with the holes to keep them big.
and no i couldnt just cut directly into the wool.
it'll look obvious.

cloth dry

and then leave botht he skirt and cape to hang and dry.

hand leaf hand nubs

head leaf head is


quad side quad to quad back

so the doll of mask maker will clearly not stand. the body to flimsy and long.
but ah. uh.
he can do.

nose off nose on


flat wets dark out mud worm

after the clothes finished hanging, i took them with me and walked back to the skunk cabbage.
offered her some kisses to the leaves in exchange for some of her mud.
rubbed mud into the skirt and cape.
then took some mud with me back for later dirtying.
the clump of mud had a worm.

returned the mud (and worm and unused pieces) back to the skunk cabbage the next day.

face bit tit plant

skirt do

ole trusty Lambchop to make the skirt be a skirt instead of just some flat piece.

finger on  fingers

skirt on

yknow what. i really like how the skirt has this little dip along the hem, which just makes it perfect to showing off the happy trail!

rib dip

also heres just a fully little quirk for its doll.
the rib shape can have him hang off of just about any sort of ledge.
though cant do that any more because of the weight of the head since being put on.

eyes on hood cape

the cape also has a hood. tied it against a stone to appear round.

hair tile hair put hair on

for the longest time, i just didnt put ears on this bitch.
and was wondering what was so wrong when looking at it.
and then i gave it ears.
have him hear its own suffering when i throw him against walls.

hood on horn tusk bite mark

finishing touches. the hood on the cape, the horn tusk thing around the shoulders, and the big fucking bite mark that matu gave to maskey.



and the stab counter is 54.
and yeah each day was only between 2-4 stabs.
i dont know either.

54 is a very, Very small amount.