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Dragon. (with mables inside.)

August 9, 2023

this dragon felting was done as a commission for the friend who i gave the ricky cat.
thats all I'll refer to friend as, "cat friend". sake of privacy and all that.

SO before anything was done and we were discussing what the felting could and would entail,
i was told something along the lines of "i dont know just make it cunty. but also cute."
so i had a guideline to go with. "cunty and chibi"

the dragons name is gonna be Janice.
welcome to the world janice. enjoy your stay.
oh and her head can come off, hollow body that i put little marbles and round beach pebbles.
three pieces compromise of her. the body, head, and necklace.


i couldnt care less that i went outside photos first. my brain is numb enough as is staring at screens

tree sit cedar hook branch

ground shade

wood sit halt

found cool

found a pair of shades someone lost on the ground. heehee.

blue berry bush

lake glasses lop

rock sit rock front

brick right brick left

brick front brick back

HOLD SIDEWALK bench near

bench far grass fence

left right

front back

hoard size sit parts

off hand naked

finger press down

head face nose

back details side deets belly

really love how the "scales" turned out.

ring lay size hook

because of the hook shaope of the snout, janice can hang off of stuff!

head off head on

the necklace has to be put onto the neck before the neck is put into body.

pen out pen in

the pen is shown just for the sake of scale on how deep the cavity is inside.



alright so this thing is the hood nape thing from the klaus mask i made..
whatever year i made it. just look through this website to find it.
and i had torn off the hood part and for the time since, it was just.
sitting there.
not really sure what else to do with it.
but i realized that it does have the colors i would need, purple and green.
so i gave the hood new life through the act of cannibalism.
as one does.

body make tile detail body side

making the body tile through wettings, really like how the green and purple colors get laid on the black.
really sexy. bood marbling splotches. added some nylon fibers to give the shiny.

body see tail wet wings belly wets

make wettings for ther parts of the body. base tail, wings and belly.

wings shape refine tiles refien tail

then refined those parts.

leg meat leg base leg paws

leg made hand thumb hand hands

14 dabloons nail time nails done


new wings wet break wings wet wings two

oh and the wings are to be "comically small". i think i made them two big so i went to make a new pair.
and then torn the new pair apart because something wasnt right.
cannibalized the wings again for a third try.
i COULD have cannibalized the big pair, but like.
they were too good to destroy. ill probably use them for a different felting project
like ahhhh...
scene rave theme bat?

new and old wings


so chunks huh?

body seam tail on legs on

leg trouble

hm. yeah so like with the legs getting attached made me aware of a problem that i cant fix.
due to the cone body and the round base, having the legs made the croth area like. suck inwards and up.
so theres just an arch to it. on well.

ramune1 ramune2

hey so you know how i said the body has marbles inside? yeah.

ramune3 ramune4

wing 1 both wing wave

bound head shape head base

bound the body a bit so the everything wouldnt be splayed out. make wings more folded and tail more curved.
and then began the head with a polyester base.

head skin tail thing ear make

now for the finer decals to give her personality.

nose horns neck plug neck side

necklace wet gems looping

now for the necklace part.
let me tell yall, theres a fine line i had to fight between the necklace and neck.
cant be too loose, cant be to tight. has to be snug IN JUST THE RIGHT WAY to stay put.
had to adjust the opening a few times for the neck to fit.

jewels eyes done

slap the eyes on and now janice is alive!

fuck you



206 stabs. average. bled a lot.


heres the blueprint planning sheet that i ignored afterwards

hood tear

and as for the state of the hood, heres what happened. tore off like a good fourth of it. i will be sure to continue cannibalizing it.