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(FOUND) Frog

November 25, 2023

hey yall remember the thing of the lost fropg? yeah. redid.
made a clone or something. following the footsteps of predecessor
on god i will give my sister a frog doll!

i dont know what else to really say... this one is a mere aproximation of what was.
is it better than the last? maybe. i dont know if i hope so. the first frog is
good enough as is. and now this second frog is just given too much pressure to live up to expected standards.
oh well.


front left back

right side feets

lay table couch

yeah just gonna add in a shit load to the gallery section to make up for lost frog.

blur sit hold

stand bow

i dont know how to tie a bow, piece of uneven scrap fabric. it suits it!

brick mushroom jun

iper air block

cedar leaf comfy

cozy osier sericea

puddle tree ground

pretty gorgeous beauty

bench tile sniff

chair stair door




hedge hog

So here for this body I WAS gonna make a hedgehog. but SOMEBODY... not gonna name names (bimbo clown) decided to mess
everything up and commit homicide against a fellow woolen friend........

stand base

which then I didnt wanna make a whole new core and just use what i already got becasue theres no skin on it and
didnt make anything beyond the core, so like. might as well use the hedgehog core and turn it into frog.
push the rear a bit into a flat surface so that it would be upright and fold the snout
inward so its more blunted and not as protruding. badabing bada boom now im cooking.

brush colors nose

as frog1 was to use the left over colors of BC, frog2 uses the left overs of THAT.
and becasue this is my second rodeo, i would know what parts to fill what colors with which. so made small piles.

coat skin belly

and then put the skin on. not much to say here.
did put little spots on the belly becasue uhhh. why not. do something with the wool that would otherwise be put to scrap pile.

toe hand arm

foot feet

do feet.

leach scelera

blank spots

doing that thing of the back again. spotting it up. using whatever colors ive still yet to use.

eye eyes done

and now i can get the eyes down and wake the frog up.


everybodies favorite part, the thing yall been waiting for! how much did i hurt myself for the sake of art?!?
not. not that much actually.
yeah just. only 13 times.
which is less than lost frog!