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3R0-S. also known as Eros.

April 2, 2023

Alright... lets see here...
this was a gift for dearest friend Veils
of its character 3R0-S
or say its name as Eros.

lets dive right in shall we


skirt front skirt back

pants front pants back

the skirt is a removable articale of clothing.
makes for horseback riding that much easier.

hand front hand side


this is how big it is. almost a full ruler length. just shy of full.

willow sit willow up fence sit

pud front pud side pud back

the coat is unable to close. so the boobie(2) will always be out.

dangle wave

bench sit

face 1 face 2 face 3

"hey yall got games on yer mobile devices???"

bench up bench side

lake see ducks see duck wave



tube stuff tube wrap

okay into the box you go bub. off to Veils you go.


sheet uncut sheet wrap sheet torso

first step is to pull up those cheap craft sheets, cut to size and get the base core going on for the torso.

limb stump limp length limb wrap

get stuff of the limbs, for how long those would be and to make them rigid by twisting in on itself.

skin fluff skin torso

skin leg body skin

v chest chest shell chest chas

the tits.

chest side chest back

gotta sculpt out those robot tits.

leg bulk toe feet body shell

them lil toesies.
and with toes comes the fingers.
this felting project is the first time ive tried my hand at making a hand look like a hand.
with all 5 fingers seen instead of jjust being a "mitten"

mid hand thumb hand

pants flip pants poof pants half

pants on

the pants: on
the body: headless
the flesh: wool


coat fluff sleeve wrap sleeves on

skirt fluff skirt flat skirt coat

get stuff of both the coat and the skirt. sleeves before the coat.

head made head on head turn

ok NOW the head is there. the face does sometimes have a crack to the screen, but this doll doesn't depict such.

skirt hand hood trip coat parts

the skirt looks like meat. yippee.
gotta get the trim on the hood. make some cloud stuff.

coat scuff coat join coat on

alright so the coat...
don't ask me what my thought process was with making the coat.
because I dont fucking know either.
its like,. I was planning on having two seperate flaps hang off the side of the body, and the back would get covered by the coat color.
but I thought about what I was doing and stopped myself.
so i just joined the two pieces together into one like any damn normal coat usually is.

hoodless back coat hood on

put the hood on. use Lampchop for the skirt. put the skirt on. tada.

skirt close skirt on

and uhhh... yeah. thasts 3R0-S. Eros the doll.

stab count

stabbed and poked myself 91 times. i dont remember how much I bled.
probably not that much.


heres after I sent the felting and Veils got Eros.

arrived box habitat

and yeah. this is the end

good bye. eat well. sleep well. love yall.