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june 13th 2022

I made a turnip.
no particular reason.
I didn't have a turnip in a loooong while that I forgotten what they taste like.
I just wanted to make a realistic food thing. and be JUST AS. without that damn smiley face in toys of food things.
yknow the one the " ● U ● " one.
just a regular ole turnip.
Finally something for all my other felts to eat!



side sit lay

ruler length ruler hold

leaf ruler ruler diameter

defiently exceeds that of a ruler in shape

rotate 1 rotate 2 rotate 3

rotate 4 rotate 5 rotate 6

rotate 7 rotate 8 rotate 9

yeah really look at the details...
REALLY look at em

leaf close

root 1 root 2

root 3 root 4

I'm proud of how I got the root to be

close 1 close 2

close 3 closse 4


full hang apple

stab counter

Oh right. This felting is the first time that I went to actually be keeping track of how many times I stabbed myself.
all for te sake of art...
with a grand total of
43 !!!
at some point one of the needles from Octopus broke. but not onto the turnip.
RIIIIIIiiiight into my shape.
but my finger didnt bleed out THAT much comparatively...
at least I was able to pick the broken piece out of myself.

fish bird snails

some interactions!

small big

ok now this was a tiny turnip that I've never shown around. did somewhere in like. early 2020? late 2020? was it even in 2020?
a looong time ago i made a tiny turnip.
lil cousin.
and no, i didnt keep the small one in mind for inspiration of the big one. just coincidence that i got two turnips.

blair hold

soup time bath

lid soup

bench far bench near dirt


blue sheet purple fold wool to use

Starting out, got out a few sheets of cheap craft sheets. folded into self. put another layer of a sheet in. Really bulk it out.
pull out the colors I would need. also some yarn for me to pull apart.

tile dry tile wet

At first I thought it would be a good idea to wet out a tile for the main skin of turnip.
"at first"
later on I ended up just peeling the tile apart.

scraps bulk

Sheets arent good enough just as is, and I got plenty of scraps of previous projects.
such as using the failed attempt of CHESTERS head!
Now got a good pormphy shape to work with.

leaf pallet yarn stem tile hang

Now I didn't dissect all of the yarn, I wanted to see if I can do a thing of using the yarn pieces as stems for the leaves.
and I wnet at mixing the colors together for said leaves. some parts being more blue. other parts being more yellow.
marbling effect never fails.

tile peel

and this is where I peel apart the tile
something something reason why maps of earth always got some funkyness to them.
its trying to convert something flat into a round 3D shape.

stem thickness stem roll stem unroll

leaf chunks wet chunks leaf together

Making the leaves in two parts. The stems and the flat part.
Putting them together as one, I put some loose wool for in the rolling process, theres something to hold steadfast.

leaf front leaf side leaf wet

leaf hang

Rinse and repeat the process four more time for all the leaves

root fluff root halfway root shape

Making the shape of the root. letting the wool guide me.

turnip skinless

Oh yeah. it's all coming together.

white layer

I had a whit craft sheet lying around, so why not use it. make the shape a uniform color.
attached a piece to hang out, it would be the core of what the leaves will attach onto.
AND its also the Octopus time to shine (that bohemoth of a needle tool.)

root base root attach root on

I don't quite put the root on just yet, made some holes at the main piece to slot in the wool that would then be put on turnip.
making the root be pretty much interlocking at two parts.
And THEN i put th root on.

lower half upper half

those lil dark spots are drops of my blood.
putting myself into my art!

hang turnip

leaf unrefine leaf refine all leaves

Unrefined and refined shapes of the leaves.


for a bit I debated on if I should make the turnip have a softer gradiant. didnt end up using it.

rotate 1 rotate 2

rotate 3 rotate 4

Though II did do something about the colors some more, here was it would have looked like if i had stopped with the bulb right then and there.
like raspberry swirl icecream or something.

leaf hang cool brown

gradient stripe done bulb cherry bomb

one leaf stem tie all on

putting on the leaves. almost. ALMOST.

leaf tie stem brown


done! bye.