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American Robin Turdus migratorius

MaY 19th 2022

-[DESCRIPTION: In the likes of a male robin, slightly bigger than the size of an average one. much heavier than an average one.]-

So I dove into this project for two reasons.

1.) Robins are fucking cool.

And B.) to test my limits.

I wanted to do something like GOLD FINCH again, before I started on anything I had thoughts of doing a Red Winged Black Bird. Love em. Which would have been the male look. a female RWBB is still cool and all, but they're rather nondescript brown with only a white eyebrow. Now the thing about a male RWBB is that the shape is like 98% black. Yall would not be able to see shit for photos. learned my lesson through MOTHMAN.

So fuck it. American Robin. But this time I wouldn’t follow the same steps as GOLDFINCH, I’m gonna go fancy. And by fancy I MEAN KICK MY OWN ASS.

I’m talking folding wings, articulated legs, more or less the life size of an actual animal, beak that can open and close, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I wanted to go for absolute REALISM here baybeeeee!!!...

Now. there Is the fellow called Spotted Towhee. would be roughly the same size of a finch AND the same colors of a robin. Would have shaved off the time by around half. The reason why I didn't do Towhee is for this small simple reason thing called "I-Did-Not-Think-Of-That-Until-Now".

If all the big and small of making a felt isn’t hell enough, I decided to begin on another project AT THE SAME TIME

I ignore the pleas of my own body to stop making a bajillion art pieces in such a short span of time. In that I began to work on making a teeny tiny meemaw. That y’all can look at HERE. Is in part of TWWM group.



blueberry branch sit branch back

throw grass fly grass

wings branch imposter sit grass

(theres an actual bird in the middle photo there.)

grass up i think thats dogwood... or spirea fly

bramble grass up grass down

face left face mid face right

Okay now out of the park. time for wall.

upside down burger wing flap

side burger leg bend lay hand

close open pog

Here is just to show off the mouth stuff. it can also be manipulated. open. closed. pogging.

pogemote pog norm pogemote




sheet fold sheet layer basic blob

Using some sheets folded up and layered, some sort of shape appears. then wrap it in gray to make things more even.

peel neck pallete belly dry

Before I went too far out, I peeled apart all i've done thus far because I wanted the neck to be malleable.

hang dry belly back tiles belly wet

Usually with the average feltings, there would be plenty of rocks, stones, and pebbles at use. but not this time. sticks, branches, and twigs are in the spotlight now!

honestly i forgot was this part was or this one too. maybe tail. leg bones

I put paper clip bones in the legs

there she is rolling feet

and it's at this point in that meemaw shows up. bouncing between the two.

wet wings draft feetless legs feetful legs

I like working on the bird feet. grabby grabby. There was the first take on making wings. first take...

wings shape wings tear up

After spending like two hours on doing wings, I realized I fucked up. they're both facing the same way instead of mirroring. besides that, it just looks plain awful. not satisfied. but im learning, it's all part of the process.

feather dry wing parts wing shape

oh yeah. much better. all according to keikaku.

assemble belly placement tail parts

tail on tail meat breast meat

before I had cemented the belly tile in place, I inserted a bit of bumpage into the chest. puff it out all proudly and stuff. It's all cooking together now!

feet bing wing plan toe bend

With the use of rubber bands, binder clips, and the occasional twig, I bounded the feet in. So that the fibers would be stressed into place and the toes would curl in. as if its to perch onto something.

beak on wing scuff wing sticking

first wing both wings face fluff

eye make eye on ion ruler sit

As I was working on the eyes, I thought of doing some more detail of yellow iris. as the lack of show to evidence that I thought otherwise. just leave em as is.

i pressed button with my nose

ANd TheN...

bag of fur

A few weeks prior to anything, I came across a pile of loose fur. I dont know what it came from. if its from shedding or what remains of a prey animal. who knows. So obviously I threw caution to the wind and took some. and then used some of that fur for both this doll of 000 and ROBIN.

And SPEAKING of MEEMAW 000... Heres some more stuff.

rubber bands throw 1 throw 2

pogemote pogemote pogemote pogemote pogemote