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rico the Red Eyed Tree Frog

November 8, 2022

alrighty so uh. Made a frog. Made a frog for a sister. The froggy is a red-eyed-tree-frog.
Reason for this particular species isn't because it's her favorite or anything but like
way back then, there was an online game we would play a lot called Webkinz. hoowee.
Anyway, her lil chump was a frog, that she named Rico.
and uhh. yeah. thats it. that's the whole story.
just a little something to do for the sake of memories.
*looks it up*
oh wow webkinz is still a Thing apparently. huh.

with all the other feltings I've done, this year especially, I overload way too much on all the photos and details
so. yknow what. I'm gonna bring it back own a notch.
just. bare minimum to get the points across.

-[DESCRIPTION: A frog with light green body and yellow underbelly. the feet are yellow on top and red below.
the eyes are red plastic doll eyes. The front feet don't have limbs, just attached directly onto the torso.
the back legs are going from a gradiant of the green body to a blue just before the feet start.
The mouth is just a simple line of red wool.]-


cedar front cedar side moss sit

rose lay Pyrrharctia isabella

flood bench ooh moist drip drop

took several days to dry out.

belly hang back hang

hold hand sit hnd


jingle friend


color pile core build core base

get the colors out, take more than what would be needed for this one frog because kikivu.
use craft sheets to build up the bulk.
Now the doll does have legs, but no arms. Done so for this reason-
don't wanna.
creative liberties and whatever.

core sit pelt tile booty butt

trust the process. make the skin layer. black out. d o shit.

skin on feet shape feet on

leg clip

after getting the leg stuff situated, gotta use binder clips to keep the fold of joints to not splay out. train the fibers.

hand big hand roll

Now here, I show what it's like to get the hands made. slap some wool down and wet that bitch out. But turned out the hands were way too large.
thanks to the science of how wool works, stress out the fibers to hug each other closer, causing shrinkge.
spend a few songs worth and they go down in size. good enough.

hand joint band bind

home stretch. get the hands on, final details. punch in loose strands. bind up the body once more to keep the joints in place.

stab counter


this little shit took 61 stabs