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HURRICANE THE mammal thing

August 1, 2022

This is Hurricane. Hurricane is a little beast.
Hurricane has been commissioned by Pinyonrice
Hurricane was a very fun beast to make in the span of two days.
Hurricane measures 20 centimeters (8 inches) from head to tail. DESpite originally going for a mere 3in (7cm).
well the torso part itself is the latter size, that is if everything else is removed. huzzah.

-[DESCRIPTION: Hurricane has the appearance of a mustelid. there is a gradiant along her body, starting from the head at dark grey blue, to which the tail ends off at white. there are three toes on eat stumpy foot. the wool gives their body a marbeling look.


kitchen 1 kitchen 2 kitchen 3

kitchen face

dangle left dangle belly

dangle right dangle spine

curl 1 curl 2

making a hurricane out of hurricane ey

duckie bird fish

ruler 1 ruler 2

chops 1 chops 2 chops 3

chops 4


alder climb alder hang fern hide

cedar climb grass hide wood walk

grass head BUNNY pond dock

hold pond dock sit pond back

pond selfie


take a swim. in a bag. the poor mans innertube. dont wanna mess up yer hair

drop 1 drop 2 drop 3

throw 1 throw 2 throw 3

grass front grass side grass back

grass away

SPIDER sniff rose

blueberry reach i want that meat

weird banana in the sky



blue print

Alrighty. Here's the blueprint. Now the thing about me and the felting BPs is that...
once I make them, not once do I ever look back on the paper the entire time.
sure may feel reduntant but its just makes myself familiarize with the project beforehaand

pallet scraps grass stuff

Pull out the colors I would, and would not need.
Pull out a box of scraps craft sheet felt pieces and finally give them use.
Pull out some grass that will be embued into the bulk of Hurricanes body.
I have a lot of grass that I've been collecting. sticking stems in my mouth cowboy style.

pocket grass bulk scraps base layer

ANd because I had a lot of grass, I had a variety of seed heads to shake off. making a lil pocket thing out of a scrap piece.
It's quite good that most of the scrap pieces are in triangle shapes. keeps things symmetrical.

base shape base ruler gradient fluff

through a couple hours of bullshitting around, the base of the body is getting along!
And then I could mix up the colors. lots of blues and greys. mix much but not TOO much
The best part are the marbeling effects.


Now I'm sure some of yall may have noticed why the lighting in these photos is all red and fucked up.
its because theres a bedsheet infront of the window.
this goddamn heat wave. SHIT.
and all I got to see in normal light is to prop of some of the sheet by this stick I had lying around.
I'm telling yall- you gotta have a bucket of random rocks and sticks. never know when they'll come in handy!

wetting gradiant

tile front tile back

Wetted a tile of the pelt. Had to ask which side to use to face out.
the tile was only one layer, as the body is small nough to warrent that. had I put down another layer for the wetting, then the tile would end up too thick.

gray body octopus coat

Before putting the pelt on, I made the body uniform of grey, because there would be parts of the base visible through the pelt otherwise.
bits of random ass yellow spots...
I used the Octopus needle tool to give the body more curve. pushing the belly with the back to give a bit of that mustelidae hunch.

coat zip coat tailless

tail pelt tail stuff

Before the pelt is zipped down all the way, I added a bit of extra wool to the tail.

footless pre feet

12 dabloons

footful stand

the stuff of feet. now Hurricane can move around

pre eye post eye

Now yall would think that making the eyes and putting them on is a straight forward task. nah.
with all my past previous projects have taught me up to this point that I gotta be verrrry careful.
poke the colors onto eachother just enough to where they hug.
too little and they wont hold together. too much and the colors will streak into eachother.
and not to mention having the right amount of fluff of the eye.
too little and the eye will sink right into the face meat. Too much and it would bulge right out from the face meat.
but for the bullshit of the learning process, I was able to get the eyes right first try! 🎉 woo.

scuff tail scuff back push scuff

Hurricane is like the embodiment of well, hurricanes.
along the back and the underside of the tail are the water cloud stuff effects. To get that going with the wool, I COULD have used the pet brushes as per usual
but i just used the neelde for that, driving it through at an angle and using the barbs on the needle to shank out the individual fibers.
Now that the fibers are OUT, I had to stick the hairs back IN. so that they wouldn't tear off so easily.

combs combs on DONE

...aaaaand with all that effort of getting the mist stuff going along i said fuck it and just made individual comb stuff to stick on.
ends up looking like what godzilla has as spines. kinda cool looking.
and with the weather effects on, time to call hurricane done!

stab counter

with all that, heres the stab counter. both days at 17, so a total of 34. which suprisingly only a couple actually broke skin and shown blood!