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esk 4505 Forecast

June 18th 2022

I started making this at a couple days after I made the TURNIP.
This is a commission I've done for VLPN of her esk Forecast. #4505.

-[DESKRIPTION: An Esk with a lot of dark colors. There are some spots behind the eyes and on the chest.
Sprouting from along the shoulders and lover mane are several leaves of variegated rubber tree.
Esks are a weird dog of sorts.]-


chopstick hold

In comparison to MEEMAW. Duel weilding.

left stand ruler right stand

front stand piler hold chest details

head side back leaves tail de tail

meemaw slouch

cedar front cedar side hang in there

Is a forest esk, so made sure to find a good tree. Cedars never fail.
I didnt go into a forest. Just stuck around the community garden for these photos.

bench sit bench far

mulberry 1 mul 2

mulberry down mullberry up

pitcher plant sippy sip


stab counter blueprint

And here are the papers involved
Stab counter: 61. god damn.
as well as the blueprints that I... did not look at for the entre process.

And now for something...
completly ridiculous!

battle 1 battle 2

battle 3 battle 4


ok I just wanna point out that I have 69 wip shots. nice.

supplies sheet cut fold cut

Yeah didn't bother cleaning up after making the turnip, because the desks are gonna be spilled with fluff anyway.
Getting out the supplies needed. Using the back of the paper for stab counter from Turnip for this one.

fold shape shape bulk skin on

uniform neck hole leg fluff

Using cheap craft sheets and scraps, I make the core of the body. Because of the way that the piece was shaped for the neck, it left a hole there.
I could use it to slot the head right in there.
Then I went and covered the torso with dark gray to make the shape more uniform.

leg dry before wet leaf pallete leaf n leg wet

I wanted to see if I can use the wetting process to make the legs. having them flat and then rolling into self for the rod shape of the legs.
Spoiler: nah.
But the leaves are good to start out wetted at least.

leaf n leg hang cool blue mane pallet

tail n mane dry tail n mane roll tail n mane wet

And for the tail and mane, again with the wetting.
this one I wanted to go for what I had done for meemaws tail.
*vague hand gestures* eh, more or less.

head core tail flat tail roll

body bare mane plan head tufts

Figuring out how to do about with the mane/head area. Putting tufts hanging off the head for when I attach it onto the neck.

chest closed chest open chest skirt

Slipping on the color parts of the body.

chest patch body ccolors

leaf wet leaf unfefine

the leaves. Making them into bowtie shapes so that I could effectivly double the amount of plant stuff on the weird dog.
Really liking how I got the leaves to be.
basically just making a sandwich of the greens and whites.

leaf refine leaf bunch

leg basic toe shape foot feet


head hold chunks body asseblage


12 dabloons

12 dabloons

plan head back mane mane layyer

trying to figure out how to go about with the head.
Sure I haven't made any major mistakes as of yet, but can never be too careful.
Added a bit of bulk to the back of the neck/shoulders o that there is something more for the leaves to be punched in.

leg on chest flip seal

now for putting the legs onto the body.
Started by sticking them outward, because the other side of fluff will pull inward as I anchor the legs securly.

three leg stand four leg stand stand haunch

cool that the shape can stand.
even with only three legs!
pulled a bit on the wool on the rump to prep up on attaching the tail.


Now here, I wanted to put a bit of ishduk with this doll. the neck hole leaves a bit of cavity so, why not use it?
text written: from me- "Oh hey before I put the head on, do you want anything stuffed into the neck hole.
Tiny piece of paper with song lyrics written or a tiny pebble or whatever so that a spirit can get imbued into the fibers"
vlpn replied with: "If possible, this as a tiny picture would be amazing. If not, I can send something different 😌"
Along with a photo of a soft looking dog in forested mountedscape.

blue print corner snip snip cut corner

pen dog crayon dog fold dog

neck dog

a normal dog in a weird dog

hind wool leg tone tail attach

putting on the lighter tones of the back legs.
WHICH I could use to make the tail be on more securly!

So No Head? *slams cellphone on skateboard*

leaf scatter

Now I gotta deal wiith all these damn leaves. hmm.

stuff leaves yeah

... yeah that should be good enough!..

leaves on spotless neck

Aye. I did the mane in two "layers" putting on the leaves in the first layer.
Then added the second layer to standfast the leaves and to be putting on the finer details of spots.
That's what the tufts on the head hanging off like a cartoony mad scientist were for.

spot chest spots neck


aaand so yeah!
the second weird dog i made!
I never know how to end these things off.