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Esk 000 doll (meemaw)

MAy 19th 2022

-[DESCRIPTION: A doll of 000 esk, a weird dog of sorts. a foot long in length from head to tail, and "stands" at half that height. most of the shape is dark grey, with black legs and a while tail and head.

Weird dogs… they’ve been haunting me. Enough to sign up into the wretched world of deviantart. *gags*.

And in the couple of weeks since I fell into the mess, I’ve been ignoring the cries of my body to not make a shit load of art in such a short span of time. It ain’t healthy y’all. But for the points I did and for the points I do.

Weird dogs haunting me enough to work on the weird god of weird dogs. God dog. Boo yah.

So this piece is to be of 000, the meemaw esk. 1/100,000,something scaled down cuz she’s like the size of a damn dinosaur.

At least her look is mainly dark grey, and there’s plenty of that wool. Not going crazy on colors since she ranges on grayscale. Literally the only color I stuck in are the tired bags of the eyes

Now as I’ve mentioned how I’ve been a dumbass to myself, I gave my shape a bit of a grace… by continuing on with some more absolute bullshit.

Look. I started this particular project AS I was ALREADY in the middle of a whole different one. That being a whole robin bird that y’all can read on and see HERE.

As if I wasn’t bleeding enough from my fingers… And no, thimbles only hinder, not help.

000 symbol from twwm


fence sit in tree in shrub

ready set go

okay these shots I like a lot. PLOP. right into the water! and then with the immediate consequences.

drip snooze


Now because her legs are all floppy floppy boneless, this is the best she can do in terms of standing.

stand stick stand light stand full

hold wall hold tail ribs

now yall may notice that some photos have the shoulders be Just solid grey, while others got more details on the area. Later on I went back and added some lighter tones so that to empasize on her grand age, there would be a bit of skeletal look poking through with spine and ribcage.

left look tail detail.. tail de tail. heh right look

 12 DABLOONS neck hold ruler

because she's all floppy floppy boneless, I could manipulate the neck a bit so it wouldn't stick straight on out.

branch sit branch front grass sit

grass hold water hold grass lay

throw grass grass throw tail grass


this is how I store her doll to keep her limbs from being all messed up.


sheet whole sheet cut sheet fold

so, theres the works of ROBIN, and here's a sheet of cheap craft felt that I cut up and stabbed into shape to be as 000's core.

basic blob scrap neck neck meat

then cover up the core, use some scraps for the begining of a neck. shape up the body.

tail unmade tail wet feet make

legs make place legs tail deets

The tail started as a flat tile I wetted out, and when I went for the rolling process, I laid it out diagnolly across the bubble wrap. Which gave the fibers a bit of waviness. which is pretty cool, I'll be sure to take note of that of future potential makings.

tail roll assemble spine

Now at the time to put all the parts together. As well to begin on the finer details.

shoulder patch rib patch finished

then theres where the shoulder part comes in. I shoulda taken some photos for the process of making the head... damn. oh well.

ANd TheN...

bag of fur

A few weeks prior to anything, I came across a pile of loose fur. I dont know what it came from. if its from shedding or what remains of a prey animal. who knows. So obviously I threw caution to the wind and took some. and then used some of that fur for both this doll of 000 and ROBIN.

And SPEAKING of ROBIN... Heres some more stuff.

rubber bands throw 1 throw 2

yknow what, whenever the time comes that I'll fall out of TWWM- I'm gonna bury this doll.

Well, frst take the green sheet out because it's polyester... AND then bury the wool of her.

for scoring of TWWM, I'm just gonna do one point off from max because she's floppy floppy boneless.