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SALMON FISH (sockeye)

July 2021

I made this felt pretty much immediately after making bean boi which is what they call,

"a dumbass move". ya gotta let yourself recover. My finger pads were looking like the surface of mars!

ANYWAY I made an entire near-life-size felted salmon because I was compelled to make a fish of the Oncorhynchus nerka variety....For some reason.

Maybe I just wanted to commemorate these smooth beasts who have brought many gifts to the world with their flesh.

I wanted to make a fish, so I did.

Sockeyes are heavy on the red color, and I underestimated how valuable red wool will be.


ruler front  ruler side
Measures just over a foot in length. Weighs to that a few handful of wool and 3 shoddy bag of beans.

Yeah, I filled the fish with beans.

side flop

spine face

Sure the eyes are a bit uneaven and the body is a tad wonky but it was something I took the time of creating and stabbing myself for the sake of DOING.



mingus amug

Step One: amung us.

This portion would be the end part of the tail, the split would be where the various fins slot in.


Wet felted all the chunks to then be assembled together.

The tail, hump, head, jaw, eyes and fins.

I didn't yet to think of making the belly tile.

bottle BANANA

Now I had to flat flat objects some dimensions. Using whatever... junk I had lying around.

Obviously I used the rocks and stones, just couldn't leave them out of the process!

Started sewing up the first of bean bags.

heads up belly meat

The head put together.

The body put together.

Now just gotta put the head on the body, and it was then I realized there needed to be a belly.

skewer apple sin

Made sure to keep the gill area from being punched in by the needle, and that the mouth can fit in oranges.

Because why not.

The attachment points for the head to body is really only at the belly.

Meaning the top part of the head can dangle off if need be.

and there certainly was a time I needed to rip the head off.


Heres a whole twitter thread where I made a revision for the beans in November 2021.

Heres the bag of bean organs, and when the body is hollow, half my arm can fit inside!

hollow guts GLUURHGGH


Here is the planning blueprint. Ain't much but its honest work.

This is the face of a fucker who broke not one but TWO needles.