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From September 26 to October 26 2021

speaking of birds, heres the blue bird. Yeah did it on main account instead of the art one.

prepare yer asscheeks theres gonna be a lot of scrolling involved over here.

-[DESCRIPTION: birds. Columba livia]-

1: Blue Bar

blue bar 1 blue bar 2

The most standard of what you'll expect a city pigeon to be.

Making this particular bird is the most... strange. As I was just figuring out How to make a bird. (ノ*・ω・)ノ

2: Red Bar

red bar 1 red bar2

Reds are a less common variety but the patterns of bars cancles out the rarity. I suppose.

3: Checkered (Blue)

blue check 1 blue check 2

This morph looks pretty much identical to a barred, except the wings are more spotty.

I didn't know what I was doing with the wool to get checker in there. Bit wonky. Oh well.

4: Red

red 1 red 2 red 3

uh... red. The bird's red. Just.

5: Spread

spread 1 spread 2 spread 3

For reasons, the darkend morphs are called "spreads". Because it uh. SPREADS the color genes.

Yeah I don't know

Listen if I was CEO of emytology, I would just call these "melanistic pigeons".

Put flash on to show off the shine of nylon fibers I put in the neck

6: White

white 1 white 2 white 3

Not to be confused as "albino" as is what I do later. Added some colored fibers mixed in for the difference.

So these would probably be also known as Leucistic with the lacking of color.

7: Piebald (Blue)

piebald blue 1  piebald blue 2 piebal blue 3

The last of the 7 main morphs of pigeons. Piebald is a big hallmark of a domsticated spicies spiecis spieces. however its spelt.

This one I made the body too soft for the too dense wings. The beak looks more crow-like. *shrug noises*

8: Red Checkered

red check 1 red check 2

Since I made a blue check, might as well do a red.

I still don't know how to translate it into wool.

changed the pose to be pecking for the next few.

9: Spread w/ White Bars

spread white bar 1 spread white bar 2

Playing around with the mix of colors and patterns. Looking like a piano.

Went for a really pormphy neck.

10: Piebald (Red)

piebald red 1 piebald red 2

haha Bald. Head naked HaaW.

11: Albino

albino 1 albino 2

Even though albinoism is the total gone of pigment, I put some grey in there just so the eye would know what is wing and body.

12: Lahore Pigeon

lahore 1 lahore 2 lahore 3

At this point I ran out of morph ideas so I did breeds here and there. Starting with the Lahore.

This breed got some snazzy tufts on the legs. So this is pretty much the only one out of the pile with legs.

13: Black Headed Blue

 black head 2 black head 3

A blue morph with a spread head.

Tried once again on a checkered wings. meh.

14: Owl Pigeon

owl 1  owl 2

I'm sure a glam rock metal band will really enjoy this sort of bird.

You reached the halfway!

15: Bald Spread

 bald 1 bald 2

Naked head 2!

Black body, white head.

16: Red Spread

red spread 1  red spread 2

Mixed reds with blacks wool.

17: Speckled Spread

speckle 1 speckle 2 speckle 3

Decided to have some fun on more Unusual looks.

Looking backwards now.

18: Ashy White Bars

ashy 1 ashy 2 ashy 3

Put a lot of grey into a white morph to get ash.

Only later on realized theres a pigeon called Ashy Wood...

19: Black Tipped White

tipped 1 tipped 2 tipped 3

If #9 looks piano, this is a xylophone.

20: Split Red/White

harl 1  harl 2 harl 3


21: Split Blue/Black

quin 1 quin 2 quin 3

Harlequin 2!

22: Carrier Pigeon

carrier 1 carrier 2

The English variety of this breed are known to have some pretty long necks.

23: Jacobin Pigeon

jacobin 1 jacobin 2

Recently widowed under mysterious causes, addorning a great big floofy collar for the occasion.

24: Frillback Pigeon

 frill 1  frill 2  frill 3

Their wings look like they're wooly.

Which I dunno bout yall... But it just seems aply for what I'm doing.

25: Archangel Pigeon

arch 1  arch 2

This breed is known for a crest on back of the head and for very metalic-sheened wings.

Added some nylon to the wings.

26: Yellow

yellow 1  yellow 2

If you see the Red genes as a mutation, then yellow could be as the mutation of that mutation.

...??? Maybe?

Dilluted Red.?

27: Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeon

lucerne 1 lucerne 2

These are called Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeons because they are pigeons with gold collars.


28: Piebald (blue) ((again))

 pie blue 1 pie blue 2 pie blue 3

Make this one less... less like #7.

Tried to make the patterings more dappled and splattered.

29: Brown..?

brown 1 brown 2

Just went and mixed together a bit of the entire pallet I've used for the month, and the result was some sort of brown color.

30: Leaf

leaf 1 leaf 2 photo by John Speirs

Last but certainly not least: This one! Ah autumn.

*loudly whispers* That's a Blue Checkered.

here is photo source. And close up.

OK that's what I made. one for everyday of a months time.

I decided to make this challenge for myself for A:

Flex my skillz.

And 2: as an ode for these urban beasts we brought with us.

I wanted to just make all sorts of different versions to these creatures that most anyone would call a pest, nusance, "rats with wings".

But then went with some specific breeds to give myself some more enrichment.

As I was looking up what breed to create for the next day, there were some that I downright refused to.

Much like The Pug, there is The Fantail.

I just felt like if I made even one small, finger sized, needle felting of a fantail and such, I would have a hand in glamorizing them.

If I decide that I want to do this challenge again next+ year, Never will do a pug bird.

Oh yeah... I also made pigeober -AS- I WAS KICKING MY OWN ASS to building up THIS very site.


And then pretty much IMMEDIATLY after this i made Chester.

Whroosh... (~* ̄3 ̄)~