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March 2021

Calypte anna


Based on after a male Anna's Humming bird, the head and gorgets are purple-red. The body is predominantly green, with a white belly. The wings and tail are brown. The felted figure holds his wings outt to the side in neutral pose.

stuck on some small branches, facing frontwards on the same branches, except this time facing sideways to the left at a down angle

Figured the green of the bird and green of the plants would all blend together.

So heres some indoor shots.

back held by wing front

Because of the pliability of wool, the wings Could bend like that of real fauna.

Though not as fast.

I also mixed in some nylon yarns to give some shine and sparkle against the matte.

so when it all eventually rots, there would only be a few shiny strands left. Maybe some pigments of dye.

From head to tail, this is around 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) and wing span is 15.5cm (6 in).

About the size of my palm.

Don't have any progress photos.


OH! But!...

Heres a rotation gif