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Chester Don't Starve (2013) Video Game Otto Von Chesterfield Esquire Don't Starve Together Video Game

September 2021

This is a felting of Chester from the game Don't Starve produced by KLEI Entertainment

and will be given to my friend Ducky.

Sure I Could have made the eyebone as well, but I got a compelling argument as to why I didn't:

didn't feel like it.

NOW some glamour shots:

NOW here is the making of:

(put different pictures here)

It all begains with me wetting a tile for the body and head, to roll for shrinkage and make sure that both parts have sizes in proportion.

I use various gadgets and tools to knead the wool, mostly just massage rollers and good ole classic rocks.

After I am satisfied with the shrinkage of the body tile, do I begin to shape it up into a bowl.

It is at this point do I realize that it would probably be better to have originally make the tile a circle rather than a square.

As well that I messed up the head tile that I had to simply start anew for the part. Oh well.

There was a cup that was accidently the Perfect size to fit the body on and continue rounding out the bowl shape.

I would create cairns on top of it to flatten out the bottom from the weight of the stones.

Then I started working on the legs, first starting out with a polyester(I think) core. It saves some of the wool.

Now I was able to begin to attach the parts together. Created a tongue that I had to make bigger than what I needed to compensate for shrinkage.

After the main components were put together, the fibers needed to conform to the various curves and shapes.

I put a cairn on the feet to level all four together, the head was bound to a can of juice to get the roundness, and the tongue ws clipped in plave to create a dip.

I would have made an eyebone to go with, but I worked on this for long enough.

Also I realized that at the end, a standard can of tuna fits snuggly in the mouth.

The body and head are seperate pieces because I figured that if i messed up on something while having them attached,

it would be much more diffucult to recover out the mistake. It's "good enough" as is.

and a gif!


Lil guy goes "boing boing sproing":)