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Captian Terror

January 2021

A character from the hit series SPEED RACER

This was a doll commissioned by my dear friend Rex. Not to be confused by Rex from SPEED RACER. Rex. in.. In real life.

Rex from REAL LIFE.


-[DESCRIPTION: Captain Terror stands and comes with accesories- cape and a red dynamite bundle. he has a wide grin, part being of mischief nature, and also that he's litterally incapeable of closing his mouth. Aint got the lip meat for that.]-

dude sideways capeless dramatic lights

He is able to stand freely on two legs, the cape can be a third point of contact.

impressve feat if I do say so myself. And I am! Its good to indulge in pride every now n then.

BananaFRUITfor scale

...only took a grand total of four photos of finished...


torso arm bone arm muscle

First there was a soft bodied torso, made from the scraps of previous and the craft felts of cheap.

Afterwards I broke apart and bent some paperclips for bones in the limbs. Starting off with arms. Wrapped with more scraps

leg one leg layer arm bind

After satisfied with the inner meat of arms, I work on legs. Wrapping them up layer by layer.

Eventually the legs are able to hold themselves up, the arms bounded to keep them from splaying out and messing balance.


Bonus Feature: Man Butt..

Butt aside, the process of creating this really made me appreciate the structure of human body and the way our muscles are arranged.

Had to be wary of the joints, had to keep pieces steered cleared from getting kinched up in there.

RIP TEAR MAIM ruler lean skin

Tragic struck. Body was leaning heavily on one side. I saw only a tad late that one leg was longer than the other.


But anyways... When I eventually fix up the legs and have them eaven out, was I able to put some padding to the body.
After the padding comes the actual colors for the outside parts

leg wrap half suit glove

The suit part was relatively easy. Just blanket on the black and blues.

titty boob pecs

Step 1: The boob. (2)

glove2 Emblem so head?

The letter Z... Whatever that means!

And thats pretty much all the photos I have had of the progress.

The cape part would probably been fun to showcase.

Don't worry y'all I did of course threw him across the room when I was done pouring love and energy into this creation for my beatuiful friend.