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Baba Yaga Hut

May 2021

Took me a couple of months to make. In part that this was a project that I ACTUALLY took breaks during that time.


-[DESCRIPTION: A hut of Baba yaga, a figure prominent in many, many slavic folktales.

The hut is in three parts- roof, walls and floor. The floor is dark grey and has two chicken legs prodruding out. the legs have spurs and can bend, theres three toes facing forward and one back. The floor also has three rooster tail feathers.

The walls are dark and brown, a small open doorway facing the front. vines wrap around, joined by various flowering buds. All while the roof is done in a thatched fashion. A few more vines hang along. To one side there is a bird nest constructed with three small white eggs. Topped off by the blue head of a chicken to keep watch.

rock right rock left

leg bound

I bounded the legs with thread to show off the bending ability.

hard to do it with one hand holding hut and the other holding phone. yknoooow.

ruler front ruler side

This doll is a real tricky in trying to actually keep self up, but the tail does absolute wonders on keeping the walls steady.

hut pieces

I don't trust myself and the doll on keeping balance if the roof, legs and walls are to be attached together.

stand front stand back

stand left stand right


Okay so I haven't got much photos, but there's /some/.

long walls cut walls

At first I had made the walls of the hut be much longer than what it is now, had to make the cut so it wouldn't mess with balance.

inner leg hand feet

The legs are able to bend with articulated paper clip bones.

The feet are also able to bend with soft body, due to how I segmented the toes.

body bag

This is how I store nearly all my feltings. Wrapped up in rubber bands and napkins.
Stops the fibers from rubbing against eachother.