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Winslow Leach :from PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE(1974)

December 2020

-[DESCRIPTION: Winslow Leach made of wool. He got the phantom garb on. The cape, mask and plunger are accesories added on. Taking the mask off has his face, one side being heavily scared and the other side with heavy make up.]-

Made in the span of only four(4) days... don't do that.

An outstandingly absolute dumbass move to make...


b( ̄▽ ̄)d

This was the first time I decided to try making the paperclips I use as bones... TO MOVE!

Meticulously use pliers and bend the ends, interlocking into hinges.

If any of yall are actually interested in watching POTP, either by means of legality or otherwise, do heed that theres some aspects of it ... being a product of its time. Some unsavorie moments for being a horror movie from the 70's.


side hold back face front mask

Accesories include: mask, cape, body, and most importantly- plunger.

ruler seperate pieces back cape

side face side cape LEG HOT LEG

stuck out leg to show the bendy bends.

mask face


clip core torso meat leg bone

The body begins with a single paper clip that I wrap with scrap materials.

As the limbs are also made with paper clip bones, except I went through the trouble of HINGES.

attach leg leg meat arm bone

Make limbs. Put on legs, then begin the arms.

arm hang arm meat free knee

Now I had limbs to deal with. Make careful layers, keep things symmetrical, make sure things are able to bend and move.

Keeping the joints of the elbows and knees clear from any fibers getting stuck, clogging up the movements.

under skin cape stretch stand up

Getting there.

I wetted the cape, but turned out that the rolling part stank it down Just a tad more than what wanted.

So I used what I had lying around, and built a doohicky to pull on the cape, streching the fibers just slightly.

At this point the figurine is able to stand.

jorts pants shirt

Ready, I can now add on the outer parts of clothes. Still needing to be mindful of not inhibiting the joints movement.

voice box faceless head holy object

Some finishing touches and details.

I just HAD to make the best weapon to go with him, the Great All Powerful:


I uh... didn't think of using another paper clip for the handle part.

Okay Now. As I made the voice box on the chest, I was worried that it would give a bit upper-forward weight.

So uhhh. To conteract on that, I decided the best course of action was to add on extra butt meat.




GIT on Outta here white boi..!