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pink Clown

September 2020

A clown is a person who wears a unique makeup-face and flamboyant costume, performing comedy in a state of open-mindedness all while using physical comedy.


-[DESCRIPTION: A clown in humanoid shape. The outfit is mostly red with starry shapes thrown about. The legs are diffreret patterns from eachother, the left being dark with light blue and orange blotches, while the right leg is pink with dark blue cowprint. the face of the clown is pink, framed by black hair. the nose and cheeks are orange and the lips are blue in a smile. Yellow eyes are looking towards her left. A tube hat as long as the body trails behind like a tail, it's made from the same tile as the left leg of her pants- dark and blue with orange stripes. A single pocket sits in the middle of the chest, large enough to hold one bean. The pocket is made from the same tile as the right pants leg, pink with a blue patch. The shoes are dark blue, with heels and a curl at the toes. the mittens are of the same blue color.

front back

left right


ruler hold sit

rock left tree rock right


You would think that something of a someone of this porportions, that I would have made some kind of design sheet.

Blueprints of sorts. BUT... but...

But you'll be wrong.

Maybe I'll make a drawing of sorts to go along with this doll here...


headcore organ scraps really damn blurry

Started off with the head, a core of polyester and wrapped with ununiform pinks.

The neck was just a scrap piece hanging off in which to have the body tappered on. also made of scrap pieces.

tiles body legleglegleg

I wanted to make the body be all jumbled and cacophonous, so I wetted some various tiles to cut up later.

The body was just an old piece of craft felt sheet.

poking in some star shapes beforehand.


The middle part of the torso had the innards exposed so I decided to add a pocket.

The pocket can hold an acorn.

The hat came at the very end. No photo of it, but I had to shape it into the curve to hold to body up.

She can't really stand up, and sitting on a shelf needs keen placement.