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The BFO (big fucking owl)

August 2020

This was a doll I was pretty experimental on... to say the least.


-[DESCRIPTION: The owl is that of a barn owl... or atleast in the tried likeness of one. The eyes of the owl is of plastic pieces found in other stuffed animal toys, instead of wool as the rest of the body. The wings are cut out from tiles and the feet are basically shoes with clawed toes hanging off.]-

front back side hand

fold open wingspan



So this doll, I wanted to try out something new, instead of having the core be entirely polyester, have it be scrunched up foil instead.

Poke all the fibers into the metal. really dig in. And some paperclips so I'll know what limbs where.


As well as having a foil core, I also wanted to put toy eyes on.

Which makes the doll look like a freay deaky lil alien at first.


The feet was at first just some stubby parts with a too-large of a padding.

I wanted the owl to stand, so I thought the pads would help where the toes alone wouldn't.

-It didn't anyway.

Now the wings I wanted to do after seeing what I could do first hand at Mothman, I wanted another go at wetting!

But at the time of making this page do I really reaize that I should have arranged the wool into the shape of wings...

instead of just making a single tile and cutting it up into wing shapes.

So eventually the wings will fall apart faster than the rest of the owl doll.

I bounded the wings to the body so that the fibers will keep to a folded shape.