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Them TWO (2)

July 2020

Introducing FLUG & MUNK

(Not to be confused with FLUGMUNK)

... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These both are a type of ishduk. Which do blur the line being toys and ghostly spirits.

So I made the first step of such! (not to scale mind you)

More details over there. (and then put a link to their page specifically)


Munk (left side) is mammalian, standing on four legs and sporting a couple of lavender antlers, each with two tines. The face is heart shaped and yellow holds a neutral expression, with a straight line for a mouth and plus marks (+) for the eyes. the body goes in a gradiant, red from the to of the head and goes through the various shades of purple on the way down to the legs which are blue.

Flug (right side) is a serpent with a mane. The long body is green with strips of pink every now and then, while the main across the head and end of tail tuft is various orange shades. the face holds a cartoony grin with a wide smile and equally wide eyes.

ruler this is usually how they travel together


selfie selfiie TWO


Left is Munk. Right is Flug.

If i know how to code in a sort of valley between, i would do that

munk core munk limbs flug core flug shape

I had to make Munk first so that I can get a good length in for Flug to wrap around.

The former was made with a core of scrappy wool, while the latter was made with a polyester core. easier to tube up.

munk face munk gradiant flug wrap flug stripe

I only did one layer ontop of the cores, which the decals were placed on.

munk legs munk amungus flug tail flug bald

munk hornless munk finished flug mane flug finished

and then... yeah!


There they are!