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July 2020


Made him because cryptid shenanigins.

Had a whole phase of it all.

the doll stands facing forward the back of mothman doll, the wings splayed open

 the doll of mothman is sideways, the ends of a ruler is laid at his feet

-[DESCRIPTION: Mothman has a black body, with bright red eyes. The body is somewhat humanoid, the head and wings are that of a moths, and the feet are of an owl with only three toes. The hands are only three fingers, the abdomen for a tail is teal, a collar of fluff around the neck is a red brown, matching the attenae. a probuscis curls within itself at the mouth. the wings have holes and tears as if mothman has experianced a few scuffles, they are grey with brown eyespots.]-

This doll was where I introduced myself to wettings. Because I sure as hell would not make those wings otherwise. Made a single tile and then cut it up. So it's of that as the wings dont have hemmed edges. Eventually the wings will fall apart. in a similar fashion as the fauna named origins.

Don't touch the wings. Doll or real.

I spend a good several hours on sculpting the tiddy pecs and bicep muscles because I'm not a shmuck who wouldn't do a non-buff mothy. And ya can't even SEE those details because the phone camera blends in the black wool with shadows.

Oh hey Look a gif!


a stop motion rotation of mothman

The "HOW ITS MADE" section

(Don't mind the white lines. thats just how the croppings went.)

wire skeleton meat on bones

It all began with a skeleton, a paper clip bent and held together with very thin wire.

Then some scrappy wool was used to overlay the skeleton. Like how one has meat ontop of bones.

feet meat put on skin

After putting a good amount of the scrappy wool on, was I able to put the actual colors down.

Because after the meat, there is the skin on top. fur and/or feathers in this case.

a more recognizable shape arm attachment fatty flesh of boob

Maybe here yall can see the shape of tiddy boob pec two in that one shot over there.

wing tile wing shape

And here was where I did my first wetting tile. From that I cut out the wings, poke some holes to give that tattering look.

face details height

Put in some finishing details, like an entire head.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaand there ya go. An entire manbug.

but not of the kafka variety.