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Matu in the real.

November 2020

Y'all can learn more about them (put link when cross that bridge)Here, as they are a part of Frayed Treads. ✦

In as they appear in the Apprentice Garb. mummy.

This is my first try at a felting with moveable limbs, before I had tried with paperclip bones. All soft stuff.

-[DESCRIPTION: The Apprentice has dark wrapping all across the body, with white jorts. They wear a mask with the looks of a skull. tired eyes peer from the mask.]-

something something, the craft is called felt.. a joke about how Matu felt like shit... language stuff. yall figure it out. i dunno.


Because of the lack of paper clips not limiting how I was able to make them, this doll of them is relatively large. size of my damn forearm!

hold front hold side hold back

Because of their soft body, they can't really hold their own shape up for very much.

And for how I stored them in the box, the arms and legs sorta have a "permanent" bend to them.

hold bend ruler side lean

fish ride

Not the only mouth they crawled out of... I'll explain later.

horse ride


torso core torso meat  torso limbed

A polyester core. Slap on scrap pieces and chunks of the cheap craft sheets.

limb meat add leg full body

The scraps are to be as the Muscles, allowing articulation for the limbs. Had to leave space between the eblow/knee to allow bends.

leg meat joint meat back meat

Just slowly but surely keep things going. Make sure the limbs can bend backwards, but not forward.

That small little speck in the middle of the "face" is actually a drop of my own blood, a guaranteed risk with needle felting.

shirt on sleeve joint make glove

Now I aam able to cover up all the inners, wetted together a couple of tiles to then cut up and punch in as the clothes.

Mindful to avoid the joints as of right now. I was also needling together the hand segments.-Though had to make redo versions later.

cut glove arm done pants on

As I was making the hands, I figured it's probably best to snip off some of the arm, and attach the hands as an entire glove.

The wrapping effects was just made by thin coils of blue-ish wool. The elbow/knees could now have on the spaulders.

The head would be the last to be worked on.

spinal wrap purse pocket

Make the jorts, Make some finalities. Wetted the hood of their mask and the actual faceplate was rather thick. No photos of that.

Badda bing badda boom and they are ready to experiance our world. Just as strange and facinating.