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"Klause" Mask

August 2020

I don't really have a name of what I was working on, until my sister called it "a fucked up santa clause."

So KLaus it is I guess.

A druid, tree dude thing... wahoo.


As modeled by my brother. Rather begrudgingly.

-[DESCRIPTION: the face is dark blue, somewhat human. the mouth and eye holes are outlined in rudy red. there is a frill on the perimeter of the mask, wavy shapes of green and purple, alternating with eachother. Atop the eyes are frazzled light blue eyebrows and below the eyes are plum colored cheeks. Orange teeth sit at the mouth, with two produding out in upward curves like tusks. At the bottom sits a beard. Green and spotted with buds, berries or blossoms of various flora.]-

front" side goodbye

These above photos were from all the way when I initially made this, originally had a hood.

Later on did a revision and switch on for an elastic band. Wool is easy to hold the heat of breath in.

front2 side2 hand

flat back close


curve bent string

Started out with a long dowel skewer that I slowly bent around my own head. Slowly. Too fast would snap the wood.

After easing the curve in, I forced it in by binding the wood into a loop with twine and rubber bands.

The loop would not stay when unbound, but it would exagerate the curve.

Had to leave it like so for a weeks time, make the wood get used to the new shape.

Enforced the wood with yarn wound around, dipped in glue.

stretch teeth face

During the time it took for the dowel to hold its own curve, I wetted together what would be the face.

Made teeth and other such parts.

clip"" lip beard

Constructing the head together.

tusks flower pile

Decided to fill in the area of the bear with some small buds, berries and flowers.

Some half-assed wetting and then pushed the shape of petals with the needle.

hood done seperate

A mask needs a way to be attached to the wearer, so I went with making an entire hood, tile spanning over two feet long.


And a frill to have between.

ball skewer frill

At the time I didn't have a styrofoam head to use, so I did the next thing. Use a ball and some chopsticks.

With that i was able to put it all together and see what I was doing.