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Blue Carousel Horse

May 2020

This is just one horse.

Not an entire carosel.

Maybe I'll make a whole set. Just give me a few years to think about it.


-[DESCRIPTION: The horse is blue. The mane and tail are pink. The horse has a bridle and saddle of a darker blue, across the chest are small flowers. The snout part becomes pink as the lower legs become lighter in tone, sporting swirly feathers at the heels. In the middle of the back, infront of the saddle, is a golden bar. as if the horse has escaped the carosel.

left right

back front

loop schnoz

rock left rock right

The MAking Of

bones yarn scrap

So I start with a paper clip skeleton. Then wind some yarn around it all as a way to give thickness.

Followed with some wool that had bits and pieces stuck to it, stuff not for the outside.

muscle pale skin

cover the scrappy wool to be more uniform, the first layer of a lighter blue- goluboy.

To then be given the coat, a darker blue- siniy.

dark tail hair

Now I can have fun of putting the body together and giving this doll some soul.

mane rein

The bar that comes with the carosel comes in at the end, having a paper clip core as well.

Rotation gif!


I really liked the swirl feathers of the hooves.