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Don't recall what months I've made these, But one is at a much later time than the other.

Left is the New and Improved, while the right with a more brown shell was the older version.

Not very large. But I wanted to see how my hand changed through time.

-[DESCRIPTION: both snails don brown shells. their bodies are a light purple. the swirl of the shells are accentuated by black.]-


January 2020

tea left tea right

tea lid tea hold

Made before I knew the concept of wet felting. Which is amazing considering the consistancy of the pots thickness.

-[DESCRIPTION: The teapot is in the likes of fine china. White with blue floral patterns. one side has the close up of a blossom, while the other side has a branch of multiple blossoms. The handle is of a single flower and the lid is of a rose stem. The teapot is pretty small, holding in only a few five beans at most.]-