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These are just miscellaneous. No other pages for these.

There were other toys I made, but gave away before taking any photos.

I could estimate around Octoberish did I begin to enjoy stabbing my fingers.

The VERY first felting I made was a trans-colored elephant.

It probably looked a little something like this if I remember correctly.



December 2019

-[DESCRIPTION: A tiny calico cat holding the left paw up, and a coin held in the other.]-

neko front neko side neko back

Barely stands up corectly on its own. feet curve almost like a rocking chair.


November 2019

-[DESCRIPTION: A simplistic barn owl and a rooster. They both got bare minimum features. The owl does have a bit more effort put in though.]-

birds front birds back


December 2019

-[DESCRIPTION: A dragon of the eastern variety. a long serpent body with limbs only at the front. The body is light blue, with darker blue dotted around in scales and for the limbs. Through the length and ending in a large tuft, is a fringe of white. The mouth is held open.]-

dragon ruler dragon side dragon curve

This was the first bigger-than-the-inner-palm sized toy I made.


December 2019

-[DESCRIPTION: Its... It's in the likeness of the namesake statue I based it off. only 4 inches instead.]-

venus front venus back

venus front2 venus back2 venus side

First try at something a bit more detailed. No core in this one. Just wool.


From the game Smile For Me (2019) by LimboLane.

November 2019

-[DESCRIPTION: Its him. the puppet him. very, very small.]-

pabit front pabit back


November 2019

-[DESCRIPTION: Cheburashka!]-

chebu rock chebu front chebu back

Compare to ALL my other feltings, ths one is DENSE. Sturdy. Really packed the fibers together.

And back then I didn't think to mix the wool colors homogeneously, so thats why it looks marbled.

Also has "rocking chair feet".


AND so...

YeaH! all that wrote folks.