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werewolves "fighting"

June 29, 2023

this doesnt look TOO salacious, right?
well take this section as a warning for uhh
suggestive sexual themes
or something.

-[DESCRIPTION: two werewolves are locked in an embrace for eachother. maws open and teetch clacking against
one another as the jaws interlock. one is predominantly red, while the other is predominantly yellow.
both are sitting up against eachother with hands wrapped over the others scruff.]-

gotta do something for pride month before it ends.

so why not wolf folks
something something about how werewolves are a classic symbol for horror
and then how queerness is also tied to the "evil villains"
and the fear and misunderstandness of something that has teeth and claws
and all that stuff...
yall know what im trying to get at?