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TOG bots selfie

January 25, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: two robots huddle close together for a selfie. the taller one has a grungy green hoody with
torn off sleeves, an orange toned face, three horizontal lines for eyeholes and a blocky horn jutting out
from the forehead area. the shorter one has a purple toned face, one big square for the eyehole,
a wine colored jacket and a blue head scarf hiding two horns that look a bit like cat ears.

the taller one is holding up the two fingers like rabbit ears behind the short one.]-

during a walk, I was thinking about some story stuff and the characters
within the animal that I had by all means, abandoned. so I drew some. I was working on a
thing called "tearing of gears" and heres two of from it. the tall one is Mell,
and the short one is Tob. they do the kissy together.

by that I guess I mean they just rub their flat metal faces together for a bit.

heres a lil comic sketch thing of these two idiots.

-[DESCRIPTION: Mell holds the phone and speaks, "cool. now lets do a silly face for tyhe next one.
Tob takes a moment to process the words, slowly looking up at the partner.
"what?" mell simply asks to tob.
before stretching the neck out to have the face right next to mells, tob then does say something "our faces are immobile"
mell leans back and huffs out a whisper, "hard ass."]-