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gazelle and the olive

November 4, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: a mountain gazelle, in the horns entangled with olive branches. fruits shake off with the leaping of the gazelle as a number of small fish dart about alongside.]-

Gazelle, olives and little fish. Done in the colors of the flag in which the people of Palestine are banned from
using from under the powers of the israeli government that have been trying to
wipe and clear them out for the past 80 years of life and land.

All to now commit crimes and atrocities with unfiltered impunity before the eyes
of the rest of the world. That this government not only endorses but also encourages.

From one colonial hand of violence to another, to bring nothing but tears and bloodshed.

A ceasefire must be done, but that shall not be the end all be all, in order to bring us
back into a state of complicity. Palestine must be free.

Gnashing greed should never be a ruler of this earth.