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Sytar pile

April 19 2022

-[DESCRIPTION: several vignettes of a some guy. he got pasty skin, goat ears and the look of having missed out on three weeks of sleep.

A small comic between me and him ensues:

me: *looking at the old papers* “oh yeah.. I also had you have an Edgy look as well...”

him: “huh?”

*a cartoony POOF clouds out around him, causing him to look Edgy^tm.*

*he stands around, confused by the new appearance* “???”

Me: *I bite back my tongue.*

- (a small colored doodle of his face being Edgy^tm. Now he got skull like markings around his features. an arrow points “Not paint... but not quite tattoos...”

him: “WHY???”

me: “I DONT KNOW! same reason little me gave you fucking goat ears!”

(we both look exasperated at each other.)

Me: “cuz it looked cool.” ]-

a bitch (me) went through looking at the old piles of papers again. there was this one oc I had from way back when, Sytar... I think that was what his name was? who cares about him.

so I drew him. after... *counts on fingers* a long time.

The animal-in-my-head that he was from... I'm not gonna talk about. story was too edgy for my olden bones now.

THAT and because I don't remember much of it anyway.