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Swim on shark zine pieces

June 6, 2022

-[DESCRIPTION: a compile piece of 4 various species of sharks- Brown Cat Shark, Broadnose Seven Gill, Spiny Dogfish, and Pacific Angelshark. They are all highly stylized with heavy use of dot and lines to their shapes. Akin to how circuit boards look]-

Okay so, from early feburary to late june, I decided to do a bit of hermitage from online (right now at the time of making this webpage on 9/28/22 I'm doing that again. shh.) but I hadn't fully commited to throwing technology through a woodchipper in tht i was still lurking about. At some point I scroll through twitter, see a post for a sign up sheet for an art zine, a zine about showcasing sharks. done for SWIM ON (link in name).
Now I
have never heard of Swim On, I knew nothing of it. still don't.
But I signed up, got accepted and partook because of this one single reason-
"fuck it, why not?"
and then I blasted through.

Now jokes aside, These four sharks that I've showcase here are four of the many types of sharks that venture within the waters of the so-called Puget Sound.
Waters that are close to home and close to Home.

Sharks are cool, and it's cool that I came across the zine. Now that it's well past September, I can now show off my pieces.
In the zine itself, Each individual shark drawing has their own individual piece. The crowd was just preliminary.
Scroll on down to view them all! descriptions in alt text caption.

Broadnose Seven Gill
A broadnose Seven Gill in a downward swoop. the blue backgroud is as abstract as the body, with a lot of line and dots to the form

Brown Catshark
A Brown Catshark strides through. the abstract style takes on the use of namesake brown as well as blue and orange through out. the background 
    is near a murky bottom of kelp and seaweed fronds in mute greens and purples.

Spiny Dogfish
A Spiny Dogfish twists around, as if to show off the barbs on the dorsal fins. The shark is drawn with brown and yellows, still with the circut board style. 
    The background is absract, with seaweed trailing through in blue, yellow and purples.

Pacific Angelshark
A Pacific Angelshark goes through murky bottom grounds of water. A very flattened shape for a body. outlined in blue as the body is done with yellow and reds.
    The Background is a muted clash of greys, orange and indegos.