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Klause Body

November 1, 2022

-[DESCRIPTION: A dark bulky shape of a some dude creature. Standing on two mud covered legs and hunched over, sporting a beard with various berries and blossoms growing out through it. Holding in one hand is an uprooted shoot of grass. ]-

oh hey yeah so for halloween I decided to finally pull This bad boy out. put on whatever black clothing I got, along with a stolen cape- aaaand that's good enough to call a costume.
and well, doing that gave me the inspiration for this drawing here. "what would this... fellar look like as a whole someone?"
I still don't got a proper name, "Klause" is just the working title.
bada bing bada boom.
thinking this guy would lumber through shadows and unknowingly give random neighbors a scare, leaving a pile of leaves and pebbles as offerings.
gentle giant sort of deal.. yeh that'll be swell.