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"GRANNY" Spear

  • -[DESCRIPTION: "Granny" wades through some grass. The edge of a pine forest lines the background. She is built like a wall of muscle with her right arm holding a spear
  • as the left rests idly at her side. her only clothing is a pelt wrapped around her waist. She has downcast eyes.
  • Her body is riddled in scars in various stages of healing. possibly why she carrries a weapon.]-
  • -(lower image is the same but just in greyscale)-
  • Febrary 2021

    This was the first piece I've created of "Granny". I like thinking of early humans. I made this in the middle of the early midnight hours.

    As well as this is really the first time I tried my hand on a "make a grayscale and then slap some hues over".