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Wayne Fall

March 2021

  • -[DESCRIPTION: Wayne Hylics Last-Name leaps down a soft pink sky with blazing chunks of meteor-like rubble following suit.
  • The piece is done in a scratchy painterly style. Waynes body is drawn with exageratted porportions.
  • He looks on down to where he is plummeting with a smile of wonder, his nails are painted in blue, pink and white in patterns.]-
  • I wanted to do a style where I put all the fancys down, and then at the end just slap quick sketchy looking scrawls on.

    As I was making this i was REALLY going ham with the form and shapes of the guy.

  • -[the aftermath: wayne partakes in what one would call "eats shit".
  • The rest of the crew was waiting for him to land, calculating the point of impact as they count down.]-